We design & Build things*

*By things we mean Electronic Controllers for devices like Traffic Signals, Elevators, Medical Instruments ,  Security Systems and …..

I/O Modules

Our design modules for I/O devices means that we can control these things using our product design. These are only some indications. We have used all these I/O (Input and Output) devices in our products like Elevator Controllers, Traffic Lights, Water Filters, Home Light Automation and so on ….

Call us at 9811074026 or send an email to vinay@gvc.in and we will get back to you soon.

Sensor Modules

Most of the electronic products need some sensors to monitor some parameters before an action is taken. Simple examples are temperature sensors to switch on/off the air conditioners or speed sensors in vehicles to alert when it over speeds. Here are few sensors that we have expertise in.

Interested to see them in action? Call us at 9811074026 or send an email to vinay@gvc.in. We will get back to you within 15 minutes.

Interface Modules

Most of the electronics product need to interface with other electronic products and communicate some thing. A simple example if a remote controls TV Channel. Both are different electronic items and communicate with each other via Infra Red rays. Similarly two different mobiles interface with each other via GSM Network. We have wide range of interface modules.

Interested? Call us at 9811074026 or send an email to vinay@gvc.in

Design Process in Six small steps

1.  We begin with an empty space, no assumptions.

2. Idea shared by you about what you need always excites us and we start seeing a huge possibility.

3. We get into action as soon as you release an order and start building a prototype based on our existing library of hardware and software modules and some new modules.

4. Very soon, harsh realities of life takes over, there are bugs, cost over-runs, delays, change in specs, failures. We do not give up, try and get back.

5. And little later than our original plans, we come out with a working product. It is real fun. Success is sweet.

6. Product goes into production. There is profit. We look for another opportunity to start work,

Interested? Call me at 9811074026 or drop an email at vinay@gvc.in if you are looking for some exciting product

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