Case Studies

Smart Vending Machine

These are internet connected vending machines used for dispensing IT Peripherals by users. When a user touch his/her ID card, and select the peripheral, our smart electronics will send data to cloud and verify the users eligibility. If eligible , it will vend the product, update data based and email the user, his/her boss as well as the IT manager.

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Packing Machine Controller

This is micro controller based design used for printing and packing machines. Under regular production. Multiple Models available with various options.

User can set timings for various outputs and the sequence

Crazii Pichkari

Zoom TV Channel organised Holi Dhamaka party. We designed a unique products with six mannequins. As soon as some one crossed them, they will start water pichkari and also click their photographs and upload on facebook page.

Unique combination of human sensors + Electronics + Camera + Water Pump.

Multi Room Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

This is used for pharma companies or large buildings to monitor room temperature of rooms and update them on internet and on mobile phones. In case of temperature or humidity crossing limits, supervisors get message / email on their phones

Cable TV Modulator

This is micro controller based cable TV modulator. Based on 20 pin micro controller, user can choose channel and even fine tune the frequency using three switches. Based on the set frequency, the micro controller programs the external PLL circuit.

LCD backlight is switched on when any key is pressed and remain on for around 10 seconds.

Product is in regular production and different models have been designed.

Elevator Controller

We design electronics for Building Elevators. This covers main board, FPI and COP boards. All elevator controllers are connected to internet for better monitoring and controls.