Our Team

Vinay Chaddha


Vinay is a passionate electronics hobbyist and good learner. Check more about him at his personal blog http://vinay.gvc.in

He heads the creative team at GVC and takes care of systems designing.

You can call him at 9811074026 or email vinay@gvc.in


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Neha Singh

Office Administrator

Neha is an electronics graduate from Beautiful Bhopal – City of Lakes and takes care of product demos, testing products, managing customer queries and taking care of office visitors.

Anuj Mattoo

Chief Coder

Anuj is chief coder at GVC. An electronics graduate from UPTU , real passionate in embedded and enjoy working late and always walks in the office few minutes after lunch time.


Rahul Pachauri

Head - Testing Team

Rahul takes care of Testing products at GVC. He is good in managing things, purchasing right parts and delivering working products to customers including site demos.

Rahul is also an electronics engineers graduated from Beautiful City of Lakes – Bhopal.

Sameer Ali

Product Builder

Building of GVC products.

Sameer solders and make boxes and demo boards. He is perfect and remember every thing. Be it USB port connection or Micro controller pinouts. He is the one who simply tells Vinay Chaddha that he has made a mistake in circuit and used wrong pins or put wrong values and most of the time he is right.